Cover for book titled "When They Win, You Win."When They Win, You Win: Being a Great Manager Is Simpler Than You Think

Russ Laraway WG05
St. Martin’s Press

Encapsulating Russ Laraway’s management philosophy, this book’s snappy title alludes to the idea that maintaining a happy, engaged workforce achieves better business results. Backed by significant research and with insights crafted from Laraway’s 28-year career in operational management, the book sets a new high bar for leaders seeking to achieve employee engagement and, in turn, advance the bottom line. Structured around three main strategies, When They Win, You Win explores the importance of giving clear directions, providing frequent coaching, and actively discussing long-term career goals with employees.


Cover of book titled "Power of Capital."Power of Capital: An Adventure Capitalist’s Journey to a Sustainable Future

Asha Mehta WG04

A keen understanding of emerging markets, the modern economy, and geopolitical shifts is vital for anyone wishing to leverage capital to create a more sustainable future, according to Asha Mehta, founder and chief investment officer of Global Delta Capital. A leader in responsible investing and new markets, Mehta pairs her own travel anecdotes with regional histories to tell a story of investment’s transformative power. She touches on countries from China to Colombia, looking closely at drivers of global economic growth as well as barriers such as corruption, terrorism, and instability. Mehta’s discussion is personal and opinionated and elucidates why we should all be watching emerging markets and investing in change.


Cover of book titled "How COVID Crashed the System."How COVID Crashed the System: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care

David B. Nash WG86 and Charles Wohlforth
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the foundational cracks in America’s health-care system, but lessons learned from the crisis also have the potential to shape a more resilient health-care structure in years to come. From the rapid development of remote health care to the integration of employee-health discourse in workplaces across the country, the book explores how the pandemic aided a complete overhaul of popular ideas about wellness and health-care leadership. Nash is donating proceeds generated by the book to Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Population Health, which was founded under his leadership as dean and where he is now a professor of health policy.


Cover for book titled "You Should Smile More."You Should Smile More: How to Dismantle Gender Bias in the Workplace

Lori Tauber Marcus W84, Dawn Hudson, Angelique Bellmer Krembs, Katie Lacey, Cie Nicholson, and Mitzi Short
City Point Press

Tackling uncomfortable workplace situations and barriers to inclusion for women in corporate environments, You Should Smile More offers a new lens through which to look at gender bias. The authors, who call themselves the “Band of Sisters,” are C-Suite women with collective knowledge spanning 29 industries and many years of experience across all levels of seniority. Drawing on personal accounts, interviews with other professionals, and the latest research, the authors seek to pave the way for eliminating gender bias and call on companies to unlock a more inclusive work culture.


Cover of book titled " When the Church Burns Down, Cancel the Wedding."When the Church Burns Down, Cancel the Wedding: Adventures From the Other Half of Single

Sara E. Braca WG08
New Degree Press

In her debut memoir, Sara Braca takes readers on a journey around the world, following her globe-trotting life after divorce. Braca teaches readers that there isn’t only one path to a happy life and offers advice on forging one’s own way. From one outrageous anecdote to the next, Braca’s narration through solo living is interspersed with wise words on finding happiness in the unexpected and not being afraid to close one chapter and run toward the next.


Cover of book titled "Launchpad Republic."Launchpad Republic: America’s Entrepreneurial Edge and Why It Matters

Howard Wolk C86 W86 and John Landry

What sets U.S. entrepreneurship apart from that of the rest of the world? Howard Wolk and John Landry seek to answer this question in Launchpad Republic, a look back over more than 200 years at how American capitalism and the country’s unique ability to enable innovation came to be. Offering comparisons to other systems around the world, the authors also suggest how America can sustain its leading position for years to come.