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Class Notes 7
Members of the Wharton community and family of Jack Smith W51 WG52 honored the founder of the Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society with the dedication of a bench on Locust Walk in September. WGES leaders who attended the dedication include (back row, from left) Tom Hadlock WG66, DeWitt Peterson WG56, Rick Perkins WG70, and Kevin Woelflein WG58, as well as (front) Gene DiRe WG52 and Carl Shaifer WG57.
Class Notes 10
Rod Rosenstein W86 — pictured leaving the Justice Department with his family — served as a federal prosecutor for almost three decades and has now joined the Washington, DC, office of law firm King & Spalding. Rod writes: "Why is everyone so happy? Julie is a college sophomore, Allie is a high-school senior, and Lisa and I are preparing for the empty-nest stage.”
Class Notes 6
Barbara Shoag, Lee Shoag W61, Joan Schlesinger, Charlie Schlesinger W61, and Steve Silver W61 (pictured from left) celebrated their friendship in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center and Epcot. Charlie writes: “Had a great time. Go Wharton … Go Penn!!”
Class Notes 3
Jeff Moore WG86, Evelyn Grau Quinlivan WG87, Elizabeth Wilkins WG86, Doug Bloom GEE83 WG86, David Rowland WG86, Paul Mathison WG86, David Miller WG86, Bryan Rogers WG86, John Zaharchuk WG86, Bob Levine WG86, and Maurice Simmons WG86 (pictured from left) attended a Philadelphia-area holiday reunion in Radnor, PA.
Class Notes 11
Keith Goldberg ENG86 WG91 (right) and Robin Goldberg WG90 spent the summer in Europe, where they saw Coen Potters WG91 (left) in Amsterdam.
Class Notes 1
W94 alumni Beth (Azia) Carr, Abrielle Rosenthal, Nicole Jacoby, and Mindy Nagorsky-Israel (pictured from left) at Jaden Jacoby-Cooper's bat mitzvah
Class Notes 12
Gail Chang Shen W95, Lynda Chang Tomaru C96 W96, and Jennifer Wei ENG95 W95 (pictured from left) traveled to London together over the fall for a girls’ trip. The vacation included a tour of Highclere Castle, where "Downton Abbey" was filmed.
Class Notes 13
Jordan Brehove WG10 and Amanda Baldauf were married on May 25 during an outdoor wedding in Centerport, NY. In attendance were more than two dozen Wharton alumni, with graduates including Mike Kramer WG10, Jason Semine L10 WG10, Eddie Serrill WG10, and Jeff Henretig WG09, who were in the wedding party. Arthur Gravitz WEV49 was the senior-most alumnus there and danced with energy throughout the night with the 200-plus guests.
Class Notes 8
Eileen Brett WG01, George Woodward WG01, Diana Woodward, and Tom Ireland WG01 (pictured from left) at an event on January 4 in Brookside, NJ, honoring Tom's late wife, Bliss
Class Notes 5
Whit McDowell (left) hosted a small gathering of WG78 alumni at his home in Roaring Gap, NC, in September for a leisure weekend of golf, hiking, pickleball, and more. Also pictured are Rick White (left center), Larry Schloss (right center), and Allan Ruchman (right). Rich Elder attended as well but, as the photographer, missed being in the picture.

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