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WG02 classmates (left to right) Jacqui Sturdivant, Abby Greensfelder, Melissa Hess, and Rahul Sondhi were among the attendees at the annual Wharton MBA for Executives Entrepreneurial Day in February. This year, the event featured speakers such as Joan Lau ENG92 WG08 (Spirovant Sciences), Smitha Gopal WG13 (Rendia), and Greensfelder (Half Yard Productions).
Sandeep Thakrar ENG91 W91 WG95 and Kalindi Gohel married on June 14 in the gardens at the Elkridge Furnace Inn and Garden House in Elkridge, MD.
Larry Heymont WG19's wife, Molly Borman, wrote and published her first book, "The Instagram Iceberg," featuring interviews with many of Larry's classmates who chose to start their own businesses, and profiling many direct-to-consumer startups that came out of the Class of 2019, including Clove and Aavrani.
Peter Yawitz WG86 has spoken about his book "Flip-Flops & Microwaved Fish: Navigating the Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Culture," at Wharton Club-sponsored events in Chicago, New York, Boston, Tokyo, and other locations. Pictured at the Chicago talk are WG86 alumni (left to right) Helen Kessler, Peter, Pam Gingold, and Alex Khait.
Jim Lincoln WG69 wrote in with the following update: “I arrived at Wharton in 1967 as an active-duty Army officer. There were about 15 of us there as active-duty military, and we were in an unusual position compared to all the other students. We were not just older, but our military status (and short hair!) made us stand out to some extent. Most of us had to study very hard! We had been out of school for several years and were far from academically tuned. I will never forget when the dean called me in and said, bluntly, ‘You have to maintain a B average or you are out!’ During the rest of my career, which lasted until 1988, the MBA helped me immensely, as I was made the manager of several multimillion-dollar military programs. After retirement, I worked in the defense industry for another 15 years, advising on military contracts and weapons programs, and the MBA allowed me to stand out! So thank you, Wharton!”

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