Book cover for The Truth About Immigration.The Truth About Immigration

Zeke Hernandez

The management professor makes an apolitical and data-informed argument: Immigrants are critical for both the economic prosperity and the social fabric of any nation. (St. Martin’s Press, June)


Book cover for Baby Bust.Baby Bust

Stewart Friedman

This influential study’s 10th anniversary edition includes new insights into why fewer people are having children, pandemic impacts on parenthood trends, and what can be done to spur cultural change. (Wharton School Press)


Book cover for Geostrategy by Design.Geostrategy By Design

Witold Henisz

The management professor and vice dean of the ESG Initiative examines how to identify, assess, and manage geopolitical risk through a lens of corporate strategy. (Disruption Books, June)


Book cover for Co-Intelligence.Co-Intelligence

Ethan Mollick

A practical, example-filled user’s guide to our artificial-intelligence-powered present and future, by Wharton Interactive’s academic director and management professor. (Portfolio)


Published as “More Must-Read Wharton Authors” in the Spring/Summer 2024 issue of Wharton Magazine.