“Companies that are ignoring the pursuit of sustainability are increasing the likelihood that they fail,” argues Eric Lowitt, WG’01, in his new business strategy book The Future of Value. In this new phase of sustainability, he finds that the most successful companies are beyond viewing sustainable initiatives only as altruistic ventures and marketing ploys. Lowitt uses interviews, case studies and strategy discussion with leading Fortune 500 companies to make his case that the integration of sustainability is crucial for business’ future success. Altruism is actually the “enemy of sustainability,” insofar as it will not drive systematic, persistent investments in sustainability, he argues.

The book will be well-received by those disheartened by the current lack of political leadership on environmental issues. The Future of Value leads readers to believe that smart, competitive businesses have enough incentives to lead the way toward closed-loop systems, responsible supply chains and cleaner ecosystems. Indeed, many are already doing so.

Readers don’t need to be absorbed in sustainability and climate change issues to find value in Lowitt’s new book. The Future of Value will also be of interest for all those readers who are dedicated to enhancing their companies’ value and competitiveness. Lowitt provides a toolbox for companies to build comprehensive strategies, explaining how to prioritize NGO relationships, set up sustainability committees, evaluate supply chains and more.

Part case-study collection, part workbook and part strategy storybook, The Future of Value is a must-read discourse on how to succeed in the next phase of business and environmental sustainability.

Interested in continuing the discussion? The Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL) is bringing Lowitt to campus March 21, 2012 (noon – 1:30pm) in the Carol Lynch auditorium.