Dear Wharton Alumni,

As our former Chairman Craig Enenstein, WG’95, G’95, always says, we 91,000 Wharton alumni carry feelings of pride in our brand and a sense of obligation to ensure that Wharton maintains a reputation as the top business school in the world. These attributes of pride and obligation are critical to making us a world-class alumni network.

Wharton Pride

We all enjoy sharing our pride in the Wharton experience. We do this by promoting the Wharton brand on our resumes, biographies and press outlets. The brand shines brightly on our T-shirts, golf towels and bumper stickers. We are quick to point out the Wharton credentials of successful people around us and in the news. And of course, we can always drop the “W-bomb” in a business conversation.

Our Obligation

We give back to Wharton to help maintain the legacy and improve our School even further. To give back, we can of course donate our money, which the School counts on to remain strong. However, there is so much more we can do.

Hire Wharton students and alumni. Do business with Wharton alumni. Become a Class Ambassador. Join a geographic or affinity club. Speak at a Wharton conference or as a guest lecturer. Attend your reunion or, better yet, help organize it. Participate in a Wharton Global Alumni Forum. Take Executive Education courses. Read Knowledge@Wharton. Buy Wharton Digital Press books. Register on WhartonConnect. There are countless ways we can get involved and give back in our own way.

I hope you share this same sense of pride and obligation. The more this is demonstrated amongst our alumni community, the stronger our brand becomes, which in turn, benefits us all.

Lastly, I would like to welcome the following new members who join our Board in July 2012: Rachel Cervantes, WG’11; Steve Dollase, WG’04; Robert Frost, WG’99; Ruth Golan, WG’01; Cathryn Ploger Taylor, WG’87; and Juan Urdaneta, WG’02. These outstanding leaders have already contributed in many ways to earn their positions on the Board. We look forward to working with each of them going forward.

Rob Newbold, WG’99

Chairman, Wharton Alumni Executive Board