Level Up Your Learning
Months since Wharton Interactive opened its doors


Years during which co-founders Ethan Mollick and Sarah Toms have been working together on their pioneering approaches to games-based learning


Twenty-nine thousand nine hundred seventy-five.
Learners who’ve participated in a Wharton Interactive game since the initiative’s launch last year


Continents on which Wharton Interactive games have been played — yes, even Antarctica


One hundred sixty-four thousand three hundred sixty-nine.
Number of words — the equivalent of a modern novel — in the Entrepreneurship Strategy Course, which lets players learn critical entrepreneurship skills while running a fictional startup


Fifty percent.
Alumni discount for Entrepreneurship Strategy Course offerings; for more details, email lifelonglearning@wharton.upenn.edu


Minutes needed to play the free, on-demand BlueSky Ventures interactive course


Five hundred three thousand one hundred thirty-seven.
Real, anonymized Evite customers whose information is analyzed by learners as they build, tune, and, evaluate code and machine-learning algorithms in the course Machine Learning for Business Decisions


Seven hundred ninety million.
Virtual miles away from Earth (and 24,106 days in the future) — the setting for the Saturn Parable, a course designed to build leadership skills and test critical thinking under pressure though role-playing a mission to Saturn’s Enceladus moon


Age of the oldest participant in a Wharton Interactive experience — a 72-year difference from the youngest learner, at 15 years


Two thousand ten.
Instructors from 89 countries who are verified to deliver Wharton Interactive games in their classrooms


Game characters; 19 professional actors help bring the scenarios to life, along with the players themselves


Platforms (Simpl.cloud and ARC.platform) developed by Wharton Interactive to enable the creation of games and simulations


Published as “Level Up Your Learning” in the Fall/Winter 2022 issue of Wharton Magazine.