Maria Bartiromo (Photo: Fox Business)


Maria Bartiromo may just be the hardest working woman on television.

A trailblazer of business news, she made history as the first journalist to broadcast live from the New York Stock Exchange, revolutionizing the way news outlets cover the stock market. Since then, the esteemed anchor and bestselling author has continued to pioneer new paths for women in media, from reporting live from the World Economic Forum in Davos to being inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame. Now, as the Fox Business global markets editor, she hosts two of the network’s highest ranking shows six days a week—Mornings with Maria and Sunday Morning Futures—the latter of which has been named the most-watched Sunday morning program on cable.

Maria graduated from New York University in 1989 with degrees in both journalism and economics. Inspired by the urgency of news and the intricacies of business, she realized that business journalism would allow her to share her expertise in a meaningful way by helping people become smarter consumers, business owners, and investors. From beginning her career at CNN to anchoring her first show on CNBC, she attributes her success to her belief that “you have to own your content to be seen as a credible source in this field.”

Reflecting on her early days as a reporter and how aspiring business journalists can prepare for a job in television, Maria explains, “I made a commitment to myself that I was going to be the best person for the job so that no one could push me around and question my qualifications. You need something that differentiates you. You need to be passionate and knowledgeable.”

Her advice is particularly relevant in a culture where technology has altered both the distribution and consumption of news: “During my show, I tweet out the most important updates to my viewers. I also rely on their reactions to segments to shape the direction of my shows to better meet their needs.”


(Photo: Fox Business)


Over the course of her 25-year career interviewing influential leaders ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to heads of state, Maria has witnessed the transformation of markets and has become a trusted expert at forecasting economic trends. As technological innovation continues to be a pervasive force of disruption in almost every industry, Maria is most excited about emerging opportunities in healthcare, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.

“In a short amount of time, we have accomplished major milestones in these fields,” she says. “Whether it is using the Apple Watch to provide real-time monitoring of physical activity, exploring new AI developments with IBM Watson, or industry giants like Ford repositioning themselves as a mobility company.”

Maria is also optimistic that these advancements will lead to new jobs for recent graduates. “Managers and CEOs tell me all the time that they do not have enough applicants in the candidate pool with a diverse combination of skills needed for this economy. It doesn’t matter what you study; it is more important that you utilize your college years to become a problem solver who can easily adapt to new environments.”

An advocate of lifelong learning, Maria encourages all professionals to embrace a growth mindset so that they are prepared for changes in the economic landscape and the emergence of new industries.

“Once you find what you love to do,” she advises, “it is important to work hard and stay focused, because there are no shortcuts to success.”