The Wharton MBA Reunion saw record turnout in 2013. Eager attendees filled all of the events, from the family picnic lunches to the class dinners, from the University leadership town halls to the Lifelong Learning Master Classes. Especially the Lifelong Learning Master Classes. Wharton Magazine tagged along to report back on the goings-on for alumni and friends who could not make the Reunion in May, as well as attendees who couldn’t get enough while on campus. Read three key pieces of our coverage below:

A Case of Late-Blooming Leadership

How does one go from a cozy mid-management role to taking charge? Professor Mike Useem offered insights to Wharton MBA Reunion attendees.

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The Startup Survival Master Class

One of Wharton’s top entrepreneurship professors gave it straight to alumni during MBA Reunion weekend: They have great odds to succeed with a startup!

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Wharton MBA Reunion: Feeling the Impact

Vice Dean Katherine Klein explores the intersection of Wharton and social impact.

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For a minute-by-minute recap, including alumni-provided photos and 140-character color commentary, be sure to visit the Wharton Reunion 2013 Twitter timeline too.