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The Data Will Save Us

Or at least, that’s the hope of Wharton professor Duncan Watts, whose new initiative, the Penn Media Accountability Project, aims to expose bias in journalism by building a huge database of news for researchers and journalism watchdogs to analyze. What’s at stake? Only the future of the free press and perhaps democracy itself.

New and notable ventures from Wharton alumni

Shoe insoles made from all-natural materials


Helping companies hire software engineers


A new healthy snack made from mushrooms

Class Notes
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On Social Media

“Fantastic Sunday-morning hike with fellow Wharton women!”

Gwen Goldbloom G99 WG99 (far left)

Ten Wharton women pose for a picture while on a hike in California.

Club Spotlight

The Wharton Club of the Middle East and North Africa hosted a “fun and slightly competitive” evening of Topgolf in Dubai in November.

Members of the Wharton Club of the Middle East and North Africa at Top Golf in Dubai.
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