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Kanika Dewan

Kanika Dewan
Kanika Dewan

Age: 38

President of Bahrain-based natural resources conglomerate Bramco Group; Chairperson and Founder of Ka Design Atelier, a design and R&D company for mixed-media finishes and sustainable design.

Favorite professional moment in the past year?
“When my zero tolerance to corruption in India finally paid off and I earned a reputation for whistle-blowing against bribery, within my industry, on a national level.”

No. 1 role model?
“My choice of role models is a dynamic process. My belief that each individual is born with a unique purpose means that within any particular day I can be guided by a number of role models; some who have made a difference in the past … others who are yet to impact the future, as well as those who leave simple impressions in the present moment.”

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