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Joyce Meng

Joyce Meng
Joyce Meng

Age: 28

Rhodes Scholar; Forbes 30 Under 30; Co-Founder and CEO of Givology; Co-Founding Member and Senior Research Analyst at Vernier Capital.

Why so successful?
“Hard work with purpose, not giving up and not compromising the original vision for what is ‘comfortable’ or ‘easily reachable.’ Even if you don’t know something today, you can learn it. So many studies have empirically shown that self discipline trumps intelligence, IQ and talent in predicting success.”

Favorite professional moment in the past year?
“Watching Givology continue to grow while maintaining our 100 percent volunteer-driven model to crowdsource small dollars and hours for impact. I’m constantly inspired by our Givologists around the world—with 200 volunteers, 19 chapters, 50 grassroots partners in 28 different countries, and 13,800 donors, it’s so rewarding to hear how each community is doing its part to increase access to quality education.”

The Wharton #40Under40

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