Beating Burnout at Work

Paula Davis LPS10

The Book Beating Burnout at WorkThis team-building toolkit is backed by science and offers actionable strategies for fostering resilience, connection, and well-being among employees (Wharton School Press).


Digital Body Language

Erica Dhawan W07

The book Digital Body LanguageThe “connectional intelligence” expert offers timely insights into building trust and communicating clearly through all manner of digital tools — videoconferences, emails, texts, and more (May 2021, St. Martin’s Press).


Making Money Moral

Judith Rodin CW66 HON04 and Saadia Madsbjerg

The book Making Money MoralA look at the trailblazing investors who are solving global problems while earning big returns and how to put their impact investing tools to use, co-authored by Penn president emerita Rodin (Wharton School Press).


Put Happiness to Work

Eric Karpinski WG01

The book Put Happiness to WorkThe corporate happiness coach presents seven strategies to help managers and team leaders deepen engagement and increase performance (McGraw-Hill Education).



Published as “More Must-Read Wharton Authors” in the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of  Wharton Magazine.