Dear Wharton Alumni,

It’s spring, and we will soon have a fresh batch of Wharton graduates expanding our 88,000 strong alumni community. As a Wharton graduate, I encourage you to welcome these new alumni into our vast global network. It was through the help of other Wharton alumni that many of us are where we are today. Let’s all “pay it forward” and help these new graduates be successful as they take the next steps in their careers.

One of the best ways we can strengthen our network is to hire other Wharton alumni. Encourage your businesses to recruit on campus, be an advocate for Wharton graduates in your interview processes, and help Wharton graduates by taking their phone calls and spending a few minutes to put them in touch with others in your network. The benefits of the Wharton brand are strengthened for all of us by this shared commitment to assist each other.

Although most of the Class of 2012 already have outstanding jobs lined up, it’s not too late to hire exceptional graduates. If your company is considering adding anyone at the undergraduate or MBA level, please reach out to the Wharton Career Center at
You may not realize this, but as alumni, regardless of graduation date, we still have many Wharton career management services available to us. Wharton alumni have access to career fairs, online job listings, career planning sessions and much more. This is just one more benefit the School offers to help alumni excel throughout their careers.

To the new graduates reading this as alumni for the first time, welcome to the Wharton alumni network! Your Wharton experience does not end with graduation. You are now a member of an extensive and unparalleled international alumni community. Throughout your life and career, your affiliation with the School and fellow graduates will be immensely beneficial, both professionally and personally. You can remain connected with the School in many simple but valuable ways. Discover them through WhartonConnect at Join one of the School’s 80 alumni clubs, attend an alumni forum and take advantage of one of the numerous Lifelong Learning resources available to our graduates.

Rob Newbold, WG’99
Chairman, Wharton Alumni Executive Board