The Future of Plastics

London, England

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The Wharton Club of the U.K. hosted a September event aimed at shedding light on one of today’s most pressing issues: the global plastic crisis. Organized by Gabriela Herculano WG02, “The New Plastics Economy and the Role of Impact Investing” brought together experts on sustainable practices to talk about changing how we produce and use plastic as well as the role the financial sector can play. Featured speakers included Luca Zerbini WG02 of Amcor, Marisa Drew WG92 of Credit Suisse, and Satheesh Pillai WG07 of CircledUp.


Globe Hopping

New York, USA
Wharton's Global Impact 15

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The More Than Ever tour continues to pull out all the stops, with recent events featuring some of the business world’s most influential thinkers. The School’s celebration of the $1 billion campaign kicked off the season in September with co-founder of Harry’s and Warby Parker Jeff Raider WG10 in conversation with management professor Adam Grant in New York. Then it was off to San Francisco in October with finance professor Jeremy Siegel, followed by a trip to Hong Kong in the same month with Dean Geoff Garrett and investors Kenny Lam W96 and Lei Zhang.


Social-Impact Shopping

Zambougou, Mali
Wharton's Global Impact 8

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Founded by Leeatt Rothschild G10 WG10, Packed with Purpose curates gift boxes with goods sourced from socially conscious businesses like Denik, a notebook maker that has funded schools in Mali, Laos, Ghana, and Guatemala. Read more about Rothschild’s venture and other alumni-powered companies in the Watchlist.


Lunch and Learn

Madrid, Spain
Wharton's Global Impact 9

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Fresh off an October lunch with management professor Mauro Guillén, the Wharton Club of Spain is slated to dine with Carina Szpilka—an executive at Spanish venture firm K Fund—on November 12.


Meeting of the Minds

Wharton's Global Impact 10

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Following its 54th edition in London this past June, Wharton Global Forum is headed to Singapore for a two-day event beginning March 13. Thanks to an organizing committee led by chair John Tsai G01 WG01 and honorary co-chairs Judy Bollinger WG81 and Sukanto Tanoto WF01, the Forum will deliver a packed schedule featuring world-renowned business leaders and insights from Wharton faculty. The conference will close out with an evening cocktail reception at LAVO restaurant atop the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. For more information, visit


On the Road Again

Bologna, Italy
Wharton's Global Impact 11

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When confronting some of life’s biggest choices, David Barudin W69 has unfailingly found clarity through travel. In “Give Me A Break,” he shares the lessons he learned on a recent jaunt across Italy and discusses how time away from routine can help anyone reset and reprioritize.


Getting Down to Work

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Wharton's Global Impact 13

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In October, the Wharton Club of the Middle East partnered with McKinsey & Company to host “The Future of Work and Implications on the Private Sector,” a conversation with senior partner Tarek Mansour WG03, who leads the firm’s public and social sector practices in the region.


International Anniversary

Jakarta, Indonesia
Wharton's Global Impact 14

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It’s been five years since Wharton launched its Global Modular Courses in Southeast Asia through a partnership with the nonprofit Tanoto Foundation. Since then, more than 275 students from the School have traveled to the region through the program to gain firsthand experience with companies there. Read more about the milestone achievement in a piece authored by Anderson Tanoto W11 on the Wharton Magazine Blog Network.


Published as “Wharton’s Global Impact” in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Wharton Magazine.