Three years ago, Wharton Magazine debuted its “40 Under 40” list. The goal was to recognize some of the brightest stars in a vast galaxy of impressive young Wharton alumni. But it wasn’t a ranking. It also wasn’t definitive—rather, it was intended to be a conversation starter. The hope was that by spotlighting a select group of innovators, trendsetters, and people to watch, we’d inspire readers to reach out with stories of more folks who deserve attention for their accomplishments. It’s in this same spirit that we’ve assembled the 2017 edition of 40 Under 40. Emails poured in with nominations from alumni, colleagues, and friends. (Some folks even nominated themselves, to which we say there’s no shame in your game.) Resources from across the School offered enough outstanding graduates to fill this list twice over and then some. In the end, the final roster speaks to Wharton’s own identity at this moment in time—spanning professions and areas of expertise, circling the globe, pushing boundaries, setting the pace, diverse and ambitious. Along with hearing from these alumni in their own words, you’ll find five stories about Wharton grads who’ve used their degrees to carve unique paths: a pioneering entrepreneur; a former Marine trusted with the financial health of a legendary newspaper; two social media savants; a trio of siblings balancing business and social impact; and one of the most remarkable human beings you’ll ever meet (who happens to be a hedge fund manager). We also catch up with the latest news from a few folks you’ll recognize from the last edition. Share your thoughts on the list and suggest other worthy alumni via email or social media (and tag them #40Under40). We’ll publish some of your nominees in the letters column of the Spring/Summer 2018 issue. And while you’re at it, consider taking a moment to reflect on what defines “success.” As seen through the accomplishments of these 40 Wharton graduates, it’s a trajectory, a chartable path headed upward and outward, toward great things and marvelous outcomes yet to be realized.


Published as “40 Under 40” in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Wharton Magazine.