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Geoff Meyerson ENG05 WG07

Geoff Meyerson ENG05 WG07

37; managing partner and co-founder, Locust Walk, a transaction advisory firm for life-science companies

Toughest obstacle you’ve overcome? When I started Locust Walk, I was 28 in an industry that valued gray hair. Getting people to take me seriously as a leader in the biopharma industry at a young age was challenging. I overcame the obstacle with quality content provided by a well-rounded set of prior experiences. Unfortunately, there is also no substitute for time in the market. Experience is what you get when you are not experienced.

Goals for 2018 and beyond? I want to both scale Locust Walk and morph the company into a merchant bank. The vision is not just to provide advisory work for growing life-science companies, but also to leverage our deal flow and financial and human capital connections to build life-science companies from the ground floor. This is the best way I know to impact human health from the businessperson’s perspective.



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