Each year, more than 9,000 executives from around the globe experience the analytical rigor, intellectual challenge and passionate energy of Wharton Executive Education. They learn from the most-accomplished, world-renowned business faculty, gaining knowledge and skills to advance their professional development and transform their businesses for success.

The mission of Wharton Executive Education is to create and disseminate relevant and actionable business knowledge to executives. To further that goal, we offer approximately 200 open-enrollment and custom programs delivered at our Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses, as well as locations around the world. Our faculty combines the latest business research with myriad learning methodologies designed specifically for adult learners. Through our immersive learning environment, executives interact extensively with peers, developing a strong network that typically engages long after a program ends.

Open-Enrollment Programs For Individuals

Are you considering a new approach to your leadership style? Do your strategic thinking and management practices reflect current thinking? Do you want to revisit foundational finance or explore changing wealth-management strategies? To meet the demands of today’s leaders, Wharton Executive Education programs are relevant, issues-driven and responsive. In fact, 13 new programs were established in the past two years.

Open-enrollment programs attract executives from around the world and from both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Wharton’s immersive learning environment allows executives to fully engage with faculty and one another and delivers knowledge that can be applied to business for immediate impact.

“We don’t keep the discussion at a theoretical level,” says Management Professor Sigal Barsade, faculty director for “High Potential Leaders: Accelerating Your Impact.” Rather, faculty translate cutting-edge research for immediate practice. “We teach what you need to do next week when you’re back at work—from how to read others’ emotions, to how to handle difficult conversations. This elite group of executives is planning for their next career moves. We’re here to help them succeed.”

Custom Programs For Organizations

Is your organization facing a strategic challenge? Does your go-to-market strategy leverage new digital media, or is technology outpacing your company’s core competency? Is your company identifying and capitalizing on international opportunities? At Wharton Executive Education, solving organizational challenges begins with collaboration and partnership. We have 23 learning design professionals who are expert in working with organizations of varying sizes, across all industries and throughout the world.

Custom programs are developed from an extensive needs assessment and are designed to reflect an organization’s strategy and culture. We provide tools to help measure success post-program and to establish follow-up milestones to help ensure ongoing impact of the learning experience. In addition, the classroom often serves as a live “learning laboratory,” where theory and application work together to create a unique experience.

Time and again, we find that alumni and non-alumni who come to Wharton for executive education continue to stay involved in our community, helping to evangelize our mission and support the value and impact of a Wharton education. We invite you to learn more about Wharton Executive Education by visiting our new website: http://executiveeducation.wharton.upenn.edu.

Thomas S. Robertson

Dean and Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise