64 segments. About 30 minutes apiece. 20 shows represented. Yes, the “Best of” webpage for SiriusXM Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School is now officially live and rich with content.

For instance, here are some segments from SiriusXM channel 111 available for listening—free listeningas of the afternoon of June 17, 2015:

The content is accessible by anyone. Simply go to the Best of Wharton Business Radio page at https://businessradio.wharton.upenn.edu/bestof and begin listening to, and learning from, your favorite hosts and guests. There’s no need for a special radio in your vehicle to triangulate your position with a satellite or a subscription to grant you access. All you need are a device and an Internet connect (and perhaps headphones if you’re in public).

Then again, if you get hooked on these free and numerous (but finite) samplings of Wharton Business Radio, perhaps a subscription is in your cards. Anyone can sign up for a free, 30-day trial subscription on the SiriusXM websitegood not just to access Wharton Business Radio, but to stream the other 154 channels as well.

Is this a more explicit marketing pitch than we usually give at the Wharton Blog Network? Indeed. But it’s for a good cause. The School is invested in Business Radio. (Learn more about the Wharton Business Radio channel 111 studio in Huntsman Hall here.) Wharton’s faculty members are too. (Learn the reasons why here.) And so are fellow alumni.

During Wharton MBA Reunion and Penn Alumni Weekend, for instance, Wharton Business Radio became “Reunion Radio.” Prominent members of the Wharton alumni community and the wider business world sat down in the studio in Huntsman Hall, including:

  • Rajiv De Silva WG95, president, CEO and director, Endo International plc
  • Marc Tayer WG85, author, Televisionaries, and president, Media Tech Insights
  • Larry Coyne WG70, CEO, Coyne Airways Ltd.
  • David Trone WG85, president and co-owner, Total Wine & More
  • Alana Libow WG10, senior manager, sustainable development, The Dannon Company
  • Jomaree Pinkard WG10, co-founder, Hella Bitters
  • Fay Ann Lee WG90, actress, screenwriter, director and producer

SiriusXM Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School presents a powerful way to leverage Wharton’s brand and disseminate knowledge from the best minds that the School has to offer, and that includes alumni as well as faculty.

Don’t take my word on it. Listen for yourself.


Watch the video above for a better sense for what Wharton Business Radio channel 111 is all about.


Editor’s note: Access the Best of Wharton Business Radio on the go—directly from the Wharton Magazine app, downloadable here.