I Am: Escape Distractions, Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash Your Potential

Bruce Kasanoff WG85 and Amy Blaschka

Intuitive Leaps Media

Motivated by the need to escape from everyday drudgery and work toward a more meaningful existence, Kasanoff and Blaschka wrote I Am. As they explain: “What if…each of us regularly took a few minutes to break free from all the thoughts, interruptions, duties and beliefs competing for our attention?” Presented in short one-to-two-page meditations, the authors aim to inspire readers to take a few minutes every day purely for themselves. Each piece is preceded by a blank page designed for jotting down notes, thoughts, or doodles.


The Power of Vulnerability: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting INward

Barry Kaplan W80 and Jeffrey Manchester

Greenleaf Book Group Press

Debuting a concept they call “INpowerment,”  Kaplan and Manchester base their book on decades of experience as advisors to companies whose employees feel disconnected. The authors’ motivation, they write, “comes from our beliefs that each individual and team have more power than we realize, each of us has the capacity to access the power inside us…we need to discover and unleash that power by shifting inward.” The Power of Vulnerability features tips, anecdotes, and inspiration designed to help any team reach its full potential.


Unwound: Real-Time Reflections from a Stumbling Entrepreneur

Ethan Senturia W08

Blackbird Ventures

“If you had asked me at the outset of my adventure to paint a picture of success, I could have done so in fine detail. But had you asked me to do the opposite, I would have drawn a blank.” So writes Senturia, the CEO of the defunct startup Dealstruck. His new book fills in the gap between what he was taught in order to succeed and what he learned through failure. Honest and endearingly self-deprecating, Senturia recounts his entrance into startups at a young age, the attempt at a traditional “three-piece suit” job, and his eventual gravitation back to starting his own business. Part cautionary tale, part guidebook, Unwound offers comic relief (and advice) for when things don’t turn out as planned.


Essential Native Trees & Shrubs for the Eastern United States

Ginger Woolridge WG83 and Tony Dove

Bunker Hill Studio Books

Have you ever taken a walk through Fairmount Park and wondered what species of tree you’re looking at? Did you wonder about adding it to your own garden? This guide—organized based on site conditions, plant attributes, and types of trees or shrubs—makes a fine addition to both the novice and the experienced gardener’s library, with everything from extensive descriptions about each plant species to recommendations for plants based on soil type.


Nimble: Make Yourself and Your Company Resilient in the Age of Constant Change

Baba Prasad GRW03

TarcherPerigee Book

The Vivékin Group president and CEO explains the five types of agility every leader needs: analytical, operational, inventive, communicative, and visionary. Using real-world examples and solutions drawn from the Vivékin Intelligences Framework (VIK), Prasad illustrates how agility is used globally every day to the benefit of executives and their companies.