Wharton alum Grossman grew up in Paris and attended the Sorbonne before coming to Wharton to study business. At Wharton, she discovered much more than business. Upon meeting a friendly group of peers from Latin America, learning Spanish and joining the Wharton Latin American Association, she was introduced to a region of the world that would facilitate her success in the future as a banking and credit executive.

According to Grossman, she landed her first banking job at a Latin American desk mainly because of her Spanish skills, an interest she acquired during her time at Wharton. She now enjoys her busy life traveling and meeting Wharton alums from all over the world, as she continues to broaden her horizons.

“Without Wharton I would have stayed in Paris, worked in some economics office, and not have the reach and international life that I have had career-wise and personally,” Grossman says. “I wouldn’t have all these wonderful friends from all over the world.”

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