School is finally falling into some kind of routine. Every day is packed full of career discussions, classes, club meetings and homework. We’ve had a number of large assignments due in the past couple of weeks; a stats project using JMP, a health care case concerning Wyeth, accounting and stats quizzes and a marketing case due tomorrow. Health care systems is gradually becoming my favorite class. This lecture based class focuses on the three big players in health care (payers, providers and producers). The pace has been different from every other class, and the readings significantly longer, so there was definitely a learning curve. But our readings have started delving deep into the reasons behind pharmaceutical/biotech mergers and acquisitions, the complexities of pharmaceutical patent law and how academic research can become a new drug (with about 12 years and $750 million). Fascinating stuff (to me), and all new. This is the reason why I’m here, to really dig my teeth into all aspects of health care.

This year’s Rainbow Pub poster

But enough about class, and onto Pub! Pub is a ritual at Wharton, every Thursday it’s a chance to recount the week with friends you haven’t seen recently, and friends you haven’t yet made. I’m always so tired by Thursday that I tell myself I can’t possibly go. That quickly turns into “I’ll go for 10 minutes,” which turns into a solid two hours of friends and a couple beers. Pub this week is sponsored by Wharton Out4Business and the Dance Studio; we’re putting on “Rainbow Pub.” Our most good-natured faculty and staff dress in drag and perform choreographed routines for the students. It’s fantastic. It’s playful, maybe a little embarrassing (most of the professors aren’t very good dancers; don’t tell them I said that) and demonstrates a clear commitment to LGBT visibility and equality. I made our poster this year; I get a huge kick out of it!

Last week I also managed to, miraculously, land a spot on Wharton’s Welcome Committee. Like most things at Wharton, it’s friendly but competitive (over 100 people for 30 spots). Another great thing about Wharton is if you don’t get the leadership positions you like there are always other amazing clubs for you to work with. This is the group of students that gets the privilege of welcoming admitted applicants to Wharton at our winter and spring events. We answer their questions and attempt to communicate what their life would really be like if they decide to join us at the School. I’m excited; my learning team isn’t surprised, as they have, on occasion, described me as the most enthusiastic person on earth. Oh brother.

It was also my birthday last week, which was fun. I’m 29, so a tiny bit older than average. It was weird to have a birthday with new friends in a new city, but Will came down from NYC (which was awesome), and my good friends in health care got me cake (which was also awesome).

Editor’s note: This post first appeared on the Wharton MBA Program’s Student Diarist blog on Oct. 8, 2012.