Recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed Dean Thomas S. Robertson about his mission to make Wharton a force for social and economic good. With the School’s positive role in the world in mind, I checked in with two alumnae I interviewed as students for the article “The Many Faces of the Mission Driven.”

At the time of our interviews, they were making their presence felt on campus with their efforts toward social impact. Now, they are making a positive impact in their respective communities.

Rebekah Horowitz, WG’12, has continued serving on the board of the Philadelphia-based Center for Advocate for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE). As we reported in the Winter 2012 issue, Horowitz had been introduced to this organization through Wharton’s Nonprofit Board Leadership Program.

Although Horowitz works in consumer products with Johnson & Johnson, she is committed to staying with CARIE.

“It’s a nice chance to stay plugged intothe community even though I’m now working in the for-profit sector,” she writes.

After the Wharton MBA program, Rebecca Bailey, WG’12, entered the mission-driven arena full time. As a portfolio manager at Agora Partnerships, which seeks to accelerate the growth of early-stage, Latin American social impact startups, Bailey leads several new strategic initiatives and provides business consulting services.

Like Horowitz, Bailey sees a direct connection between her co-curricular activities at Wharton and her current efforts in the social sector.

“It is amazing to be sitting at the intersection of business and social impact and implementing the concepts that we discussed and debated in the Social Impact Club and Wharton Social Venture Fund so fiercely for two years,” Bailey says.

“I feel blessed to wake up and truly love what I do every day,” she adds.