WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1445Every Woman Should Know Her Options
Laurie Itkin W90 has scored an Amazon best-seller by explaining stocks and options for the working woman.





John Sculley WG63, renowned former CEO of Pepsi and Apple, offers “game changing strategies to build billion-dollar businesses.”




Stacking-DeckStacking the Deck

David S. Pottruck C70 WG72 builds off his business leadership experience (e.g., as Charles Schwab CEO) to offer practical advice for driving change across an organization.




Trillion Dollar EconomistsMillion-Dollar

Economists aren’t just society’s forecasters. They are its innovators, writes Robert Litan W72, Brookings Institution senior fellow.




WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1442Profiting From the Data Economy

Who among you will shape tomorrow’s big data economy? Goizueta’s David Schweidel C01 GRW04 GRW06 offers an answer.





The Baby ChaseWhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1446

Get inside the issue of surrogate pregnancy with New York Times bestselling author Leslie Morgan Steiner WG92.




WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1447Barefoot to Billionaire

Jon M. Huntsman Sr. W59 HON96, founder of Huntsman Corp. and past chairman of Wharton’s Board of Overseers, spent a lifetime writing this autobiography.





Parenting With a StoryWhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1443

It’s not just a parenting book. Paul Smith WG93 offers 101 narratives about character development for adults too.





WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1448The New Rules of Lead Generation

Experienced CMO David T. Scott WG98 provides a strategic update to tried-and-true, and new, marketing techniques.





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