Semester in San Francisco finished up its third strong year in a row this past fall. It’s an opportunity for a select group of second-year Wharton MBA students to spend fall semester at Wharton | San Francisco. In-classroom lectures and informal guest talks, Bay Area encounters and exploration—there’s a lot to experience and benefit from. Wharton Magazine asked four 2014 SSF students to narrow down their favorite part, with the question:


How has the SSF benefitted you the most?



WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1465“By introducing me to an amazing and diverse cohort. Whether it’s tech, startups, VC or other industries, everyone has been excited to share their own experiences and interests. I am continually humbled by my classmates’ achievements and how supportive they are of each other.”

Lois Wang


WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1462“A unique opportunity was taking the supply chain course, visiting Boeing and Costco (Seattle); Google and Cisco (Bay Area); and Disneyland, Disney Studios and McKesson (Los Angeles). It was eye-opening and incredibly valuable as I prepare to enter technology operations after graduation.”

John Wither


WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1461“From TechCrunch Disrupt, to the speakers in Regional Seminar, to company visits through Career Treks, SSF is an amazing opportunity to hear from the most influential people in the Valley. It is also a unique setting to get immersed in a new cohort, meet new people and have fun. Day trips to Napa, breaks in Hawaii and oyster shacking in Tomales Bay just because … why not? The SSF crew does it right!”

Ileana Cheszes


WhartonAlumni_Winter2015_cropped-1463“The energy and exuberance of Silicon Valley is palpable and inspiring—whether speaking with the COO of Box or just overhearing college students discuss their new app—optimism about the power of tech and innovation is everywhere. That innovative spirit is contagious in the best kind of way. Being in San Francisco convinces you that you, too, are capable of creating great things and motivates you to settle for nothing less.”

Annie Jona


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