Broadcasting 24/7 on satellite radio across North America, Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School is the first channel of its kind, presenting the latest in business news and economic insight from an international leader in business education.

Business Radio offers listeners unprecedented access to expert Wharton knowledge. Through topics ranging from managing personal finance to navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, listeners are able to grow their understanding of key issues affecting the business world and their daily lives.

The School is producing Business Radio in partnership with SiriusXM, the world’s largest radio broadcaster with 25 million subscribers and 45 million listeners.

“SiriusXM approached Wharton to see if we were interested in providing content for a business radio station on their network,” explains Brandon Lodriguss, the School’s senior innovation project director with oversight on the Business Radio project.

The programming consists of 40 hours of original content, including call-in based talk radio with “a focus on regular people,” says Lodriguss.

“The purpose of the channel is really to be a more authoritative voice on business topics than you typically would get on other business channels,” he says.

What makes that possible is content driven by the School’s world renowned faculty. In the project’s beginning stages, Wharton professors had the opportunity to pitch ideas for shows. The response was enthusiastic and resulted in a diverse schedule of programming entirely hosted or co-hosted by faculty. The weekly schedule includes Behind the Markets With Jeremy Siegel and Launch Pad co-hosted by Karl Ulrich (CIBC Endowed Professor and vice dean of innovation) and venture capitalist Rob Coneybeer, WG’96. The channel also features a topical news program presented by Knowledge@Wharton that will leverage the expertise of a variety of faculty members depending on the topic.

Alumni response also has been tremendous, and Business Radio is still exploring the many ways for the School’s graduates to lend expertise to the channel.

Business Radio is initially broadcasting from Vance Hall, but plans are underway for a highly visible and state-of-the-art studio to be constructed in Huntsman Hall this summer. Students, faculty and alumni who pass by will have the chance to glimpse a behind-the-scenes view of the channel in action.

Shows will be presented live during the morning and evening rush hours and then recorded for repeat broadcasts on satellite and Internet radio. Taking advantage of the School’s bicoastal presence, a satellite studio will also operate from Wharton | San Francisco.

After a soft launch in January 2014, the Business Radio channel will reach broad distribution during winter 2014. Set your dial to channel 111 on SiriusXM to tune in.

Elizabeth Johnson

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