One question to ask any Wharton student is: Where do you find the time? Take clubs. For undergraduates, more than 45 Wharton and 300 Penn clubs compete for their attention and participation. For MBAs, more than 100 student-run clubs exist. We asked four students what makes it worth it.



What’s been the top highlight from your time as a student club leader?



Chang“People. They give me a happyhigh! As a head producer of the Follies, it’s been my honor to work with the most beautiful-minded, altruistic and passionate people who are willing to donate countless hours to put the show on stage. And Follies is still hiring for more stage crews! Email me.”
—June Chang, second-year MBA, Wharton Follies



Paul_Ampofo_WhartonMagazine_1“My top highlight thus far has been being able to interact and build relationships with Wharton administrators and select speaker guests, such as Ken Chenault. Being a student leader has allowed me to enhance and develop my personal leadership style and forge substantive relationships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”
—Paul Ampofo, Wharton senior, Black Wharton Undergraduate Association



Samira“After a year of organization building and months of hard work done by our team of small business consultants, it was finally the moment of truth when we sat down to present our final recommendations to our client. Afterward, I held my breath as I walked our client out of the building, waiting to hear his reaction. Just as I was about to open the door, he embraced me and said, ‘Thank you. Just thank you.”
—Samaira Sirajee, Wharton junior, Penn Consult for America



Deepa“I was always taught that there is no I in team. Yet Wharton Crew has taught me that working in a team is one of the most rewarding and thorough ways to learn about your internal strengths and weaknesses. As a team, we learn the diligence it takes to wake up at 5 a.m. in 40-degree weather and row. We learn the humility it takes when you realize that you need to practice more to help the team achieve their goal. Most importantly, we learn to support and help one another.”
—Deepa Mahajan, second year MBA, Crew & Rowing Club

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