Hungry Start-up Strategy

9780670064519HIn his latest book, Peter S. Cohan presents a strategy guide for hungry entrepreneurs, the ones driven by an appetite for success though they might have neither money nor a staff. The president of Peter S. Cohan & Associates and veteran entrepreneur focuses on the six key choices that startups have to make and highlights how they are forced to make very different choices than established companies. For all six, the author also provides a decision-making approach and a set of case studies revealing actual entrepreneurs’ actions.

Into the Light

Into The Light Cover Hi resSusan Magee met the émigré artist Kalman Aron when she sat for a portrait at age 6. Half a century later, he asked her to write his story. Into the Light follows his life from a youth art prodigy in Latvia to four years of slave labor and concentration camps during World War II, where he drew portraits for guards in exchange formorsels of food. After surviving the Holocaust, he received his Master in Fine Art from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and moved to California in 1949, where his career flourished.

Tiger Hills

9781609945282HungryStartUpPIn her first novel, investment banker and private equity professional Sarita Mandanna explores the themes of family, hope, fate, betrayal and redemption. The story begins in 1878 with the birth of Devi, a beautiful baby girl, whose fate is twisted with Devanna, a gifted young boy. The two are inseparable until Devi meets a reputable hunter and tiger killer, Machu. The tangled relationship that arises leads to a devastating tragedy that has consequences for the generations to come.