Wharton Executive Education and Spencer Stuart have redesigned their corporate governance program to meet the growing demand from current board members for fresh knowledge. The new three-day program, Corporate Governance: Fresh Insights and Best Practices for Directors, will run February 24-26.

“The role, duties, and best corporate governance practices of boards of directors are evolving and changing every year,” says Thomas P. Gerrity, professor of management and academic director of the program. “With new external issues and internal changes, it is healthy to always think of yourself as a new director. The job to be done is ever more complex and changing at a faster rate than ever before.”

Among the areas of board governance receiving increased attention in today’s climate are compensation, as executive pay comes under tougher scrutiny, and risk management, as operational risks become broader and more complex. For more information, visit http://executiveeducation.wharton.upenn.edu.