Many alumni dancing onstage.
2002 — Crouching Market, Hidden Offer: Songs and skits dealt with the economy and job market with titles including “Dough, Stock, Debt" and “Interview Center.”
Follies performers dressed in white suit, skirts, and hats.
1980 — Vancin': The "Centenary Hall" sign refers to Wharton's new home in 1980, named in honor of the business school's 100th anniversary.
Follies performers dressed as Star Trek crewmembers.
2003 — Dial 5 For Wharton: A skit poked fun at then-Dean Patrick Harker as the captain of "Starship Huntsman."
Members of the Follies wearing blue Wharton T-shirts in a past performance.
2010 — The 34th Annual Follies Awards: It's a Dishonor Just to be Nominated: The Follies troupe during their final night of rehearsal. (Photo: Shira Yudkoff)
Members of the Wharton Follies wearing business suits and pointing to their own smiles in a past performance.
1983 — ET: The Economy's Terrible: The Follies cast puts on a happy face. Thank you to Clint Greenbaum WG83 (top right corner) for identifying the year of the photo.
Members of the Follies perform on stage in a fantasy-like scene, with some members dressed as fairies and others in medieval garb.
2008 — A Midsemester Night's Dream: Pop culture references included Thomas Caleel C94 WG03 playing Ari Gold from HBO's Entourage and a musical number called "The Buy Side" sung to The Killers' "Mr. Brightside."
Many alumni dancing on stage for a past Follies performance, some with canes and hats, others in jail suits, and some in plain business attire.
2003 — Dial 5 For Wharton: Gladys Chen WG03, co-executive producer of Follies 2003, reflected on the wide appeal of the Follies in Wharton Magazine's Spring 2004 issue: “Over the past two years, we have had former members of the Follies fly in from as far away as Israel and Moscow.” (That's emeritus professor of management Mike Useem standing front right in the tux and top hat).
Six female performers sing on stage for a past Follies performance.
Year Unknown: Follies performers belt out a tune.
Three women performers in black wigs and red dresses laced with diamonds.
2004 — Watchu Talkin’ Bout, Anjani: Musical numbers included “The Job That I Want” sung to the tune of “The One That I Want.” (Photo: Jerry Millevoi)
Four members of the Follies dance on stage and sing in a past performance.
2003 — Dial 5 For Wharton: The title skit for this year's production centered around the murder of a character named "Cell Phone Mike."

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