MBA Reunions in 2022: MBA Reunion Weekend (May 13–14), One-Year MBA Reunion Weekend (May 20–22), MBA for Executives San Francisco Reunion and 20th Anniversary Gala (October 8), and MBA Reunion Reimagined and MBA for Executives Philadelphia Reunion (November 5)


MBA classes represented at this year’s Reunions


Events and sessions typically held over a two-day MBA Reunion Weekend


Locations where events take place, including on-campus venues and off-campus spots such as dinner ballrooms


One hundred eighty
Approximate hours of programming across this year’s Reunions


Back in a Big Way 12
Registrants for Wharton Reunion@Home events in 2020 and 2021


Faculty, staff, and alumni speakers at last year’s Reunion@Home events


Two thousand four hundred eighty-four
Registrants for the last in-person MBA Reunion Weekend in 2019


The year two thousand fourteen
The first Reunion that also included one-year alumni


Five million six hundred forty-nine thousand five hundred twenty-six
Raised in a year by 2,562 donors from classes that attended the 2019 MBA Reunion Weekend — a record Reunion fundraising amount


Years after graduation that graduates become emeritus alumni and are invited back to Reunion annually


Three hundred twenty-seven
Alumni who participated in Reunion committees last year


Countries represented by MBA Reunion registrants in 2019


Published as “Back in a Big Way” in the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of  Wharton Magazine.