This is one of those classic campus founding stories that Wharton ought to broadcast far and wide. Then-entrepreneurial students Rachel Cohen WG12 and Andres Modak G12 WG12 knew they wanted to launch a startup as classmates, but it wasn’t until they moved to NYC together as a couple after graduation that they saw their opening.

The two extremes of home essentials shopping floored them: either ridiculously expensive boutiques or middling quality brand-name retail stores. They began exploring how to fill that market gap, building a direct-to-consumer e-commerce site called Snowe (launched June 2015) and collaborating with European and American suppliers. The company offers luxury-quality homeware at Pottery Barn prices—and does so with the consumer’s peace of mind and convenience as priorities. They focus on limited items—tableware, bath items and bedding—and offer them in one-stop bundles.

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