Highest reported sign-on bonus



Job function for at least six years running: consulting/strategy, with 30% of Class of 2015 respondents accepting such a position


15.5% vs. 24.3%

Change in percentage of MBAs accepting international placements, 2015 vs. 2010


Median salary of those entering financial services, plus $40,000 sign-on bonus and $60,500 median year-end bonus



Wharton MBA Career Management reported a record-high percentage for the Class of 2015 members who had at least one job offer before they walked at Graduation.



Median work experience pre-MBA


22.3% to 13.4%

Where are those formerly international jobs going? This is the percentages of MBAs accepting jobs in the western U.S., 2015 versus 2010.



Percent of class who accepted a position in financial services, the top hiring industry



The full-time MBA is notorious for giving students a chance to pivot away from their previous careers (and lives in some cases). But would you guess that nearly nine out of 10 Wharton MBA students change careers before graduating?



Median base compensation


$4,000 to $275,000

Range of reported guaranteed year-end bonuses



Percent of class who accepted a position in the technology industries



Number of countries represented in the Class of 2015


Published as “MBA Bonus” in the Spring 2016 issue of Wharton Magazine.