What a year 2014 is turning out to be. We can expect a lot of transition at Wharton as the School continues to evolve, adapt and progress, while at the same time staying true to all of the factors that have made it the top business school for over a century.

In March, many of us on the Alumni Executive Board and the Latin American Board attended the Wharton Global Forum in Panama. We scheduled our spring board meetings to coincide with the event, making it a great time to catch up with all of the global alumni who made the trek and gain good insight on future global trade through the expanding Panama Canal.

In May, my classmates and I are also looking forward to our 15th Wharton MBA Reunion. Our Reunion Chairs recently informed me that the Class of ’99 broke the 10th Reunion attendance and participation record, and we plan to do so again this spring. I urge members of all reunion classes to return to campus for the great gathering of classmates, friends and peers. We all have many obligations pulling at us, but it always is great to reconnect with old friends, classmates and leaders of industry. Personally, every time, I hesitate when considering if I can take the time away from my busy schedule to return to campus, and following the weekend, I wonder why I ever questioned it.

Involvement comes in many forms, and the Alumni Executive Board is working hard to provide avenues for our alumni to engage, at reunion and beyond. The members of the Alumni Executive Board are here to serve the global alumni community through our Class Ambassadors, clubs and The Year of Engagement engagement committees. We welcome alumni from far and near who are so inclined to get more involved at whatever level they desire.

As advocates and supporters of the alumni community, Alumni Executive Board members will continue to do our best to represent all of you, and we always welcome you to share with us what is on your mind.


In closing, while Wharton continues to expand its borders, with alumni physically located on six continents and in 140 countries, we have never been more connected, with Wharton Lifelong Learning, the improved alumni portal, and other online and in-person resources. We all have a common bond, and that bond can never be taken from us. My fellow board members and I urge you all to connect with us, the School, and your friends and classmates, as the power of the Wharton community continues to be strong.

Bruce D. Schulman, WG’99

President, Wharton Alumni Executive Board