We are not ashamed to admit it: Class Notes is one of our readers’ favorite sections of the magazine. Why wouldn’t it be? Class Notes was Facebook before Facebook, and it continues to be relevant today—and impossible without the assistance of our Class Correspondents and Cohort Reps. To show these alumni volunteers a little love, we spotlight four here, and we ask them:


What has been your favorite Wharton memory post-graduation?


Schneider BW

“Serving on the Wharton Worldwide Alumni Association Executive Committee from 1998–2002. It gave me an opportunity to learn about Wharton clubs nationally and internationally, and to meet club leaders from all those regions, together with senior Wharton School leadership, professors and alumni staffers. In attending the quarterly committee meetings, I got to experience the Huntsman Hall groundbreaking, multiple Wharton Follies productions, an alumni leadership conference, Homecomings, my 20th MBA Reunion in 1999, MBA graduations and multiple other events. Finally, I made lifelong friendships with those from multiple classes from this period of time.”

—Robert C. Schneider, WG’79



“My favorite memory is the product of the outstanding education that I received from my four years at Wharton. Being an insurance major, I had the opportunity to have some outstanding professors, such as Solomon Huebner, Clarence Kulp and Dan McGill. The quality of the education received from them prepared me for the leadership positions that I exercised as president of a general insurance agency for the Travelers Insurance Co. and executive vice president and deputy managing vice president of Aon Corp. here in Puerto Rico.”

—Felix A. Santoni, W’55



Matt BW

“My annual get-together with my EMBA section mates. Before graduation, I knew that we would scatter across the globe, and I wanted to ensure that we would not lose the friendship bonds that we had formed. We link up every year for the first weekend of March Madness. It is a standing meeting on everyone’s calendar so we can have max participation. It is that one time a year where we can rekindle friendships and get caught up on each other’s lives, as well as bounce business ideas off each other.”

—Matt Myllykangas, WG’05



2012 JT BW“Last May, I returned to Congress Hall in Cape May, NJ, for a Class of ’90 reunion: Bonfire of the Bulkpaks 2. The first time we gathered at Congress Hall was right before graduation, when the disheveled hotel had just been purchased by classmate Curtis Bashaw, WG’90. We didn’t care; it was on the beach and had a roof, and we were surrounded by deep friendships we knew would last a lifetime. Two decades later, the property was so beautiful that we laughed about stumbling onto the set of The Truman Show. What was once a spark is now a blazing fire.”

—Jennifer Taylor, WG’90


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