I am a print guy.

I buy books at the bookstore and magazines at the newsstand. I started my career in newspapers, I subscribe to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and I read the entire thing, every single day.

I like the permanency of print. I like that it’s tangible. And I love the sense of excitement and accomplishment that comes along with the delivery of each and every issue of Wharton Magazine.

In other words, yes, I really like print. But I also recognize its limitations. All of us here at Wharton Magazine do.

That’s why, since my arrival as Editor two years ago, we’ve focused our energies on improving the print version of the magazine and on extending our offerings in the virtual world as well. We’ve redesigned our website to make it more attractive and interactive. We’ve launched the award-winning Wharton Blog Network to generate discussion about the biggest topics in business today. We’ve even made the leap into the world of Twitter (you can find us @WhartonMagazine).

Most notable, however, might be our increased use of video to tell the remarkable stories of this remarkable school.

Since we launched our video initiative in the spring of 2009, our film crew has interviewed leading executives, pioneering entrepreneurs and, of course, members of Wharton’s distinguished faculty. They’ve covered numerous conferences, sat down one-on-one with Dean Thomas S. Robertson and even trekked to Seoul and Madrid as part of the School’s Global Alumni Forums. They’ve been to Reunion Weekend, Commencement … and even MBA Pub. In the process, they’ve helped us assemble an impressive video library—a film archive that illustrates not only Wharton’s thought leadership and the striking accomplishments of our alumni, but also the energy and dynamism that can be felt almost every day here in University City.

Through video, we are telling some of the Wharton School’s most amazing and interesting stories—stories that simply can’t be told in print alone.

I encourage you to visit our ever-growing video library at youtube.com/whartonmagazine. You can also find many of the pieces at the School’s news site. As always, I welcome you to share your thoughts about this latest issue of Wharton Magazine. Send your letters to letters@whartonmagazine.com or mail to the address at right.

Thanks again for reading.

Tim Hyland / Editor