Book cover for "The Perennials".

The Perennials: The Mega-Trends Creating a Post-Generational Society

Mauro Guillén

Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives vice dean examines how technology has separated us from the generations into which we were born and the megatrends transforming all stages of life. (St. Martin’s Press)


Book cover for "Move Fast and Fix Things".

Move Fast and Fix Things: The Trusted Leader’s Guide to Solving Hard Problems

Frances Frei C85 GRW96 and Anne Morriss

Inspired by lessons learned from their work with Uber and other companies, the authors present strategies for change that won’t sacrifice excellence for speed. (Harvard Business Review Press)


Book cover for "Our Least Important Asset".Our Least Important Asset: Why the Relentless Focus on Finance and Accounting is Bad for Business and Employees

Peter Cappelli

The Wharton management professor argues that maximizing shareholder value diminishes human capital, which hurts employees and organizations in the long run. (Oxford University Press)


Book cover for "The Performance Paradox".

The Performance Paradox: Turning the Power of Mindset into Action

Eduardo Briceño ENG98 W98

How can you experiment and grow while still maintaining your A-game? Learn strategies for what the Mindset Works co-founder and keynote speaker calls “the crucial balance between learning and performing.” (Ballantine)


Published as “More Must-Read Wharton Authors” in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of Wharton Magazine.