Jeremy Siegel and Marshall Blume, Howard Butcher III Professor Emeritus of Finance, enjoyed a unique relationship during their tenure together at Wharton. “We were among the old guard on the faculty,” Siegel says. “We always had a nice sparring back and forth, arguing about politics, economics, what was in the news. We traveled together and became close as families. He invited us to his vacation home. That was so meaningful to me and my wife.”

When Blume died in January 2019 after a brief and sudden illness, the School lost an esteemed colleague and a brilliant scholar. “Marshall not only made significant contributions to the theory of finance and practice of investing, but also urged both academics and professionals to utilize the highest ethical standards,” says Siegel.

To memorialize Blume’s legacy at Wharton, Siegel made the inaugural gift of $1 million to establish the Marshall Blume Professor of Finance endowed professorship — a donation instrumental in helping to create a permanent reminder of Blume’s pioneering research and dedication to advancing knowledge. The fund has since received generous gifts from the Blume family and others. Once fully funded, the new professorship will allow the School to recruit a preeminent scholar for the Finance Department. A gift of this size from a faculty member is rare and serves as yet another reminder of how Siegel’s dedication to and impact at Wharton extend far beyond the walls of a classroom.


This article accompanied “Jeremy Siegel: Up Close With an Icon” in print.

Published as “A Legacy Honored” in the Fall/Winter 2022 issue of Wharton Magazine.