With his newest venture, Andy Nadel W83 aims to make fostering business relationships in a remote world as fun as Friday game night. Nadel — who also founded corporate “swag” maker Pride Products more than two decades ago — launched ConnectRship this spring with his daughter, Amy, shortly after states across the U.S. went into lockdown.

The company offers an alternative to in-person client meetings and team activities with Zoom-based events that are guided by a ConnectRship facilitator and filled with relationship-building games (think: memory challenges, word associations, and trivia). Depending on a company’s goals — whether fostering camaraderie among co-workers or getting to know customers better — ConnectRship customizes games for each session and can make themes specific to businesses, regions, industries, and more.

To bring things full circle, companies can add their own personal touches by sending participants shirts, bottles, and other branded merchandise through Pride Products.

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