Speed Data

Los Angeles, USA

Named in homage to Wharton’s founder, “Joe Talks” are rapid-fire faculty presentations that showcase the School’s thought leadership and latest research. The series kicks off this fall in New York City (11/2), Los Angeles (1/23), and San Francisco (1/25), with Bay Area speakers including marketing professors Peter Fader, Barbara Kahn, and Michael Platt. Joe Talks heads east for the winter with stops in Shanghai (2/3), Bangkok (2/5), and Singapore (3/5).


Hot Pubs in the Summertime

Mexico City, Mexico

Few things are as heart-wrenching for Wharton students as saying goodbye to Thursday-night Pubs for the summer. That’s where the Pub Outside Penn program comes to the rescue. Rising second-year MBAs volunteer as POP City Captains to organize events around the world, bringing students and local alumni together for some quality R&R. From Seattle to Mumbai, more than 35 POP soirees were thrown this summer, including three in partnership with the Penn-Wharton Club of Mexico; its last event, organized by Ana Daniela Portillo WG18 and Mariana Burjato WG18 G18, was a takeover of the popular Farina Roma restaurant in Roma Norte, as they welcomed students in the Lauder Spanish and Portuguese tracks to the city.


“Innovation and Disruption”

London, England

That was the timely theme of the 10th Annual Private Equity Symposium, sponsored by Wharton and its Alternative Investments Initiative. The London Business School played host for two days of programming, kicking off with a symposium featuring industry perspectives on the U.S. and Europe, then concluding with academic research presentations and discussions. Among the panel topics: “Disrupting the GP/ LP Relationship and Ecosystem,” and “CEO Perspective on Public vs. Private Ownership,” moderated by private equity professor and AII director Bilge Yılmaz. (To read his whiteboard lecture on leveraged buyouts, see Private Equity Analysis Before a Leveraged Buyout.)


You’ve Gotta Have Art

Milan, Italy

The Wharton Club of Italy hosted “Art as Business, The Business of Art,” a two-day seminar in October designed to bring European alumni together for an immersive program focused on the country’s cultural institutions. Events included a private tour of Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan’s main public gallery; keynote speeches from entrepreneur and Pi-eX CEO Christine Bourron WG95 G95 and other art-world experts; a viewing of The Last Supper at Santa Maria delle Grazie; and a gala dinner in the cloister of the Gallerie d’Italia.


Roads Less Traveled

Al Asad Air Base, Iraq

How did Sarah Feinberg WG15 go from U.S. Marine Corps captain to Wharton MBA to keeping the Washington Post profitable? Read about her and 39 more outstanding young alumni in our 40 Under 40 feature.


Rewarding Mission-Driven Alumni

Bengaluru, India

To recognize those who’ve devoted their skills and careers to a greater good, 14 alumni were honored by the John M. Bendheim Loan Forgiveness Fund for Public Service. Among them: Rashie Jain WG16, co-founder and CEO of Netdox, an Indian-based nonprofit health-care startup that lets cancer patients in developing countries get second opinions online from expert oncologists. The fund—created in 2005 by John Bendheim W40 and his son Tom Bendheim WG90 G90—grants up to $20,000 per year toward recipients’ student loans and has distributed more than $1.3 million to 94 alumni to date.


Dresses for Success

Blantyre, Malawi

Meet the Wharton grad who’s teamed up with a tailor in Malawi to create vibrant dresses that marry fashion with social impact. Read about her in Watchlist: Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and Life-Changing Fashion.


Lauder on Tour

Accra, Ghana

In October, Wharton and the Lauder Institute hit the road for “The MBA Tour,” a four-city trek to introduce alumni and admissions staff to prospective African applicants. The meet-and-greets kicked off in Accra, followed by Lagos, Nairobi, and Johannesburg. The Institute also launched its new admissions webinar, hosted by director Mauro Guillén and Lauder/ Wharton student J.T. Kennedy WG18. The guide to the program and navigating the admissions process is now available on the Institute’s website.

Published as “Wharton’s Global Impact’” in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Wharton Magazine.