Earlier this year, the Wharton School’s art collection grew thanks to the donation of a series of paintings and drawings honoring the life and times of Joseph Wharton. Commissioned by the late William Polk Carey, W’53, founder of the eponymous corporate financing firm and chair of the W.P. Carey Foundation, the works depict multiple periods of Wharton’s life, his various personal and professional interests, and his ongoing relationship to the School that bears his name—for instance, the furnaces and machines of his early career in metalworking, his family homes at Batsto and Bellevue, and the University as he saw it in the 19th century. The painting pictured here is titled “Young Joseph Wharton With Anvil Before the Early Wharton Family Lead and White Zinc Manufacturing Company, 1846.” The collection was created by artist David Brewster, GFA’88. His contemporary technique and bold use of color provides an intriguing contrast with the historical nature of his subjects. The suite of paintings is housed in Vance Hall.