Dear Fellow Alumni,

Fall means back to business at Wharton and around the Penn campus. I can hardly think of any time in history where Wharton’s economic wisdom and knowledge were needed more in the world than now in 2012. Our 91,000 alumni are a force throughout the world, leading the way to much-needed answers and solutions.

Earlier this year, I attended the Wharton Global Alumni Forum in Milan. The event reminded me of the power of our unique connection as alumni to the world’s best business school. Alumni came together with the best minds in academia, government and business to discuss the issues and opportunities of the day. Keynote and breakout sessions were rich with content, and every break in between was nourished by smart conversations with alumni friends, both new and old. I left the forum feeling more confident about how to approach the future, but knowledge and confidence weren’t all that I gained; I also made meaningful contacts that can help with expanding my business internationally and in the U.S.

Over delightful cuisine (followed by espresso, of course), I enjoyed a conversation with fellow attendees where we all concluded that gatherings of Wharton alumni are just different, and better! I realized again how unique and incredibly gifted Wharton alumni are. I couldn’t help feel but a bit sheepish and wonder whether I measure up, only to be reassured after hearing the same feelings expressed by others.

Milan reminded me that when we are together as alumni, as when we were students, we help each other learn, think more clearly and multiply our knowledge.

We are all fortunate to be part of such an incredible institution. To ensure Wharton’s continued success, we must continue to give back to Wharton in terms of our time, talent and treasure to sustain our legacy. We can all contribute to that legacy by donating to the Wharton Fund, but also in many other ways, all of which are reciprocal and fulfilling:

• Attend a Lifelong Learning event.

• Hire alumni and graduating students.

• Do business with alumni.

• Become a Class Ambassador.

• Join a geographic or affinity club.

• Speak at a Wharton conference or as a guest lecturer at any Wharton gathering.

• Help organize and attend a reunion.

• Participate in a Global Alumni Forum.

• Take Executive Education courses.

• Read Knowledge@Wharton.

• Buy Wharton Digital Press books.

• Use WhartonConnect.

The great thing about all of these opportunities is that in the act of giving, it is impossible to come away from the experience without receiving. Thanks for being the most amazing alumni community on the planet!

L. David Mounts, WG’04

President, Wharton Alumni Executive Board