It all started right here. We invite you to celebrate 125 years of management education through the stories of 125 influential alumni and faculty in this special Wharton Alumni Magazine. Wharton was founded as the first collegiate school of business in 1881. That innovation was the spark that ignited a succession of innovations — the first business textbooks, the first research center, the first MBA in health care. Today more than a thousand colleges and universities around the world offer business majors.

One-quarter of all undergraduate degrees in the U.S. are awarded in business. And Wharton continues to introduce new programs and new learning approaches, and to disseminate new knowledge. In the past 125 years, business has become the engine that drives economic growth, improves quality of life, fosters global exchange, and creates opportunity. And Wharton fuels that engine.

Thus the true story of Wharton isn’t just what happens on campus — it’s the story of how our alumni and faculty influence the world through their actions and ideas. It’s the story of how they have created value and advanced knowledge, withstanding the ups and downs of markets, careers, and lives. Since its founding, the School has graduated nearly 100,000 business leaders. If we told each success story, we would fill 850 of these magazines. Our 200-plus current Wharton faculty alone would require more than one issue.

We are proud of the impact of the Wharton alumni and faculty—individuals who have elevated disciplines, developed economic models, influenced capital markets, spread prosperity, and built companies. Together, these stories create a picture of the diversity, sweep, impact, and influence of Wharton over the past 125 years.

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