The Wharton Global Forum Bangkok provided a venue through which leaders from business, academia and government could explore strategies that addressed aspirations and risks faced by organizations of all sizes in today’s interconnected business environment.

“During the Wharton Global Forum Bangkok, industry and academia [came] together to debate ideas and explore new pathways for exploiting the possibilities and mitigating the pitfalls of today’s borderless world, and Asia’s central role in this rapidly changing business environment. The forces of globalization are equally compelling and controversial. The opportunities in Asia—from infrastructure to manufacturing to cutting-edge technological innovation to middle class consumption—have the potential to create better lives for hundreds of millions of people as well as to drive economic growth worldwide,” said Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett.

“But getting there will require leadership, good governance and great judgment. The aim of the [Wharton Global Forum Bangkok was] to enhance your and Wharton’s ability to help realize the opportunities that lie ahead,” he added.


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