Watch David Irwin WG95, vice president and U.S. market leader of Fiserv Global Services, share how the Wharton Effect has equipped him with the connections to drive his technology career.



Irwin has been working at Fiserv, a company that offers technology solutions to financial services companies, for the past 12 years. He recalls a turning point in that tenure 10 years ago, when Irwin was connected with Arun K. Maheshwari G70 GRW73, a Wharton alumnus 25 years his senior based in India. According to Irwin, Maheshwari is “a legend in the whole growth of the Indian IT services business.”

Irwin and Maheshwari worked together to build a business that today has grown to about $150 million in revenue.

“The whole time I was able to work with Arun on this [project], it was all the more sweeter because we were able to share those common Wharton experiences, talk in the common language of having been educated at the Wharton School,” Irwin says.

When he looks back, he realizes how the Wharton Effect has created more opportunities and experiences in his career than he could have ever imagined.

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This article was published as part of Wharton Magazines “Wharton Effect,” a series with tales of the School’s profound impact on the lives of alumni.