Trump, Trade, and the End of Globalization

David Jacoby WG89



The last five years have seen a fast rise of nationalist and populist thought in the United States and throughout the world. In his latest book, Jacoby unpacks this phenomenon by analyzing the history of globalization and exploring specific globalization models—multi-national government systems, trade, welfare states and more. With a close eye on the unconventional trade policies of Donald Trump, the author also examines the social benefits of trade and offers a roadmap for “neo-multilateralism” between mature economies that could lead to great global growth.


Be Sharp: “Tell Me About Yourself” in Great Introductions and Professional Bios

Paula Asinof WG75 and Mina Brown

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing


Tell me about yourself”—it’s one of the most frequently asked questions in networking and job interviews, yet most people answer it poorly and risk leaving a negative first impression. Written for professionals looking to improve their networking and interviewing skills, this second edition is updated to address the “gig economy” and the resultant changes in recruiting and interviewing practices. From dissecting the personal introduction to creating a customizable bio and web presence, Be Sharp aims to ensure that readers put their best foot forward professionally and otherwise.


Fashion Supply Chain Management

Jacqueline M. Jenkins WG96 and Michael P. Londrigan

Fairchild Books


Fashion is changing, fast: The rise of mass-produced clothing has resulted in a dramatic shift in the fashion industry and the supply chain that maintains it. “From 2000 to 2014, global production of garments doubled,” Jenkins writes. “Consumers’ garment purchasing increased by 60 percent…Across essentially every category of clothing, consumers are keeping clothing half as long as they did fifteen years ago.” The book covers the broader relationship between fashion and the supply chain, how globalization effects the supply chain, corporate responsibility and sustainability, and more.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Private Equity: Success and Failure in Buyout Land

Sebastien Canderle WG99

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


In this third installment of a trilogy exploring private equity from every angle, Canderle delves into the pros and cons of PE as a driving economic force, with an emphasis on real-life examples of—as the title implies—the good, bad, and ugly. As the author writes, “This book is an inquiry into the state of private equity…it is written to encourage everyone to think about how private equity actually works and what changes are on the way.”