Following are three strategies that can be implemented at any age to enjoy greater fulfillment, happiness and “top 1 percent” moments. The most important element is that you consistently practice a set of rituals in your life.

1. Redefine Success: It’s important to note that success is dynamic and will change at different stages in your life. One of the secrets to defining success is to align your values, goals and vision. I’ve always had goals, but I truly redefined what success meant to me during my career on Wall Street. I was sitting on the corporate-bond sales desk when I realized that I no longer equated success purely with money, status and title. I wanted to be fulfilled by my work and feel that I was making a difference in the world.

2. Be the CEO of You Inc.: One of the best ways to lead an empowered life on a daily basis is to start with your most important asset: you. “You Inc.” represents all the different areas of your life such as career, relationships, finances, wellness, fun, creativity and personal growth. You need to invest in and be mindful of each of these areas to present your best self on a daily basis. This includes making yourself a priority by giving yourself time to sleep, to refuel, to read, to connect with friends and to exercise. This means taking responsibility for your actions and not being afraid to say “no” or “yes” in different situations.

3. Build your top 1 percent team: What do successful business owners, elite athletes, doctors, musicians, actors and CEOs have in common? They have a team that sets them up to succeed. Take a moment and consider: Who are the people in your inner circle? Do they inspire you, challenge you to move outside your comfort zone and expand your thinking? Are they passionate about their lives and excited to start the day? Do they have a mindset that says, “I can”? These are the people you want on your team.

As your priorities and goals shift over time, they need to be updated to make sure your current path still resonates. The laws of success don’t change. The only thing that changes is how you practice them.

The poet Mary Oliver asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Now is the time to answer this question and live in your top 1 percent.