The Wharton Undergraduate Division staff is actively preparing to welcome the Wharton Class of 2014. The freshmen will walk into Huntsman Hall for the first time as a class on September 7, joining a thriving and dynamic undergraduate community. On this first day of an exciting, four-year journey, they will be welcomed by Dean Thomas S. Robertson, Vice Dean Georgette Chapman Phillips, the entire Wharton Undergraduate Division staff and undergraduate student leaders.

So how do we ensure that each member of the Class of 2014 has the best co-curricular experience here at Wharton?

The answer is through the four C’s: Cohorts, Clubs, Class events and Co-Curricular initiatives.

Created five years ago, the cohort program is a wonderful way to provide micro communities within a larger community. Every Wharton undergraduate is placed into one of nine cohorts. In their freshman year, the students take MGMT 100 and BPUB 250 with their cohort. Sophomore cohort directors oversee each of the nine freshman cohorts and provide peer mentorship, guidance, and social and networking activities. Students remain in their cohort for all four years, and amazing cohort events are planned throughout the four years by the cohort presidents and cohort executive board. All students participate in fun, competitive cohort events in order to accrue points towards the coveted Cohort Cup. The Cohort Cup standings are updated regularly and the top three cohorts are listed on a banner in Baker Forum (be sure to check it out next time in you’re in Huntsman Hall). The cohorts also sponsor an annual day of service called Cohorts Care in which they give back to the greater Philadelphia community.

With over 40 Wharton undergraduate clubs, there truly is something here for everyone. From Wharton Women to the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association, and the Actuarial Science Society to the Social Impact Consulting Group, the club scene at Wharton is a thriving one. Participating in a club truly helps to develop a well-rounded student and is a great way to develop leadership skills as our students prepare to be global business leaders.

Class events also contribute greatly to the sense of community at Wharton. Events such as Freshman Farewell, Sophomore Six Flags trip, Junior Case Competition and the Senior Reception, to name just a few, provide a great outlet for socializing and camaraderie within each class.

Co-Curricular initiatives also provide enriching experiences for our students. Our Lunch and Learn program allows our students to invite a professor to lunch at participating restaurants around campus. Students also have an opportunity to compete in world-class case competitions, including the USC Marshall Case Competition.

Student Life at Wharton provides wonderful experiences for all of our undergraduates.

The Class of 2014 is a stellar group of students and we expect great things from them over the next four years. Please join me in welcoming the Class of 2014 to our world-wide Wharton community.