In 2008, as an assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Neel Kashkari WG02 was one of the architects of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the $700 billion lifeline for the financial system. That first-hand experience in finding solutions for an unprecedented crisis is serving him well during the COVID-19 pandemic in his role as the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Kashkari shared his unique perspective with 60 Minutes on Sunday, March 22, in an interview that covered his thoughts on the stock market, bond markets, and what lies ahead. Kashkari said that, based on lessons learned from 12 years ago, his advice for Congress on how to help American businesses and workers is “err on being generous,” and warned that avoiding mass layoffs, possibly through forgivable small business loans, is critical. He also struck a note of encouragement, despite the “fear and uncertainty” paralyzing the economy: “I’m optimistic…we will get through this crisis.” See the full 60 Minutes interview with Kashkari here.