We have all heard about the globalization of business, and we all know that any entrepreneurial company using the Internet can now easily sell its products or services to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. What most entrepreneurs don’t know is that there is a new type of globalization available to them. That is the globalization of investors in their business.

The trend is just starting thanks the use of crowd funding. By now, I doubt if there is any entrepreneur looking for capital who doesn’t know about crowd funding. This reward concept with platforms such as Kickstarter is all over the news. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) so far has changed the rules, which previously often only allowed America’s entrepreneurs to advertise to millionaire investors in the United States —the  1 percent of the nation’s investing market.

Eventually, when our lawmakers get around to it, U.S. entrepreneurs will be able to reach the other 99 percent of the investing population.

But eventually is not right now, and what I am talking about is how entrepreneurs can right now begin to attract investors from around the world.

The rest of the world is not waiting for the United States to decide what to do about crowd funding. Crowd funding platforms are opening up all over the world. They will allow just about anyone, not just millionaires, to invest in any company, in any country, at any time.

These international crowdfunding platforms are a new way that small and mid-sized businesses can attract investors. These sites have software that can simultaneously translate any printed word into more than 70 different languages.

Just image how this new globalization will finally offer entrepreneurs anywhere in the world access to capital they never dreamed possible. On the other side, ordinary people can now participate and profit in the entrepreneurial revolution now upon us. Ain’t that just fine!