At the Boston stop of his Global Conversations Tour on June 9, 2015, Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett made his viewpoint clear how he feels about two Wharton strengths:

“Wharton doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves in innovation and entrepreneurship,” he said.


Watch all that Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett had to say about the Wharton business education program in the video above.


Wharton MBA graduates come out more entrepreneurial and innovation driven. While Wharton has a reputation of producing Wall Street-bound financiers, Garrett attested that in the past few years, as many MBA graduates have gone into technology as the finance sector.

“The Wharton skill set is in high demand in tech companies in the Bay area because there’s so much analytics in the back end of tech companies, and Wharton people are great at that,” Garrett said.

The Wharton Global Conversations Tour is part of Garrett’s mission to more effectively engage with a broader demographic of Wharton alumni around the globe and communicate his core priorities for the School. In Boston, Wharton alumni congregated at the OMNI Parker House in Boston where they were able to meet the Wharton dean, as well as guest speaker William P. Egan WG69, founder of venture capital firm Alta Communications and private equity firm Marion Equity Partners—both Boston-based companies.

Please be sure to also view highlights of the Boston tour stop in the photos below:


To read and see more about what the dean and Egan spoke about in Boston, visit “Wharton Dean Talks MOOCs in Boston.” For additional information and registration for upcoming visits from the Wharton dean, visit the Global Conversations Tour website.